NuVinci CVP Technology.
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It’s a revolution in drivetrain technology that’s winning prestigious awards and gaining rapid acceptance worldwide! It’s a new way of transmitting mechanical power based on spheres instead of gears. The NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, an innovative new continuously variable transmission CVT), is not only helping vehicle designers and component manufacturers improve performance, ride quality and capabilities in existing products... It’s driving change and new designs never before thought possible.

NuVinci CVP technology provides smoother acceleration, better engine performance and overall efficiency, and improved cost over conventional transmissions.

That’s why in its first year, it won one of the most coveted bicycle awards in Europe, was chosen by R&D  Magazine  as one of  the 100 most technologically significant products of 2007 and was honored with a "2007 Best of What's New Grand Award" from Popular Science Magazine..
And it's also why licensed manufacturers in other industries are actively developing their NuVinci-based products.
No gears. Just spheres.

NuVinci CVP technology combines continuously variable ratios with the advantages of a conventional planetary gear set.  A set of rotating spheres arranged around a central "sun" is used to transfer torque between two "rings."

Tilting the spheres changes their contact diameters on the rings, permitting an infinite progression of speed ratios. The result is smooth, seamless and continuous transition to any ratio within its range, maximizing overall powertrain efficiency and ride quality.

The NuVinci CVP offers many advantages over traditional CVTs or  stepped transmissions, including simplicity,  stability,  scalability,  and lower manufacturing costs. Its continuously variable capability and planetary gear characteristics make it infinitely applicable to almost any product that uses a multi-speed transmission.  From bicycles and light electric vehicles to agricultural equipment, ATVs, automobiles, and even utility-class wind turbines, the NuVinci CVP is the answer for which customers have been searching.

In a world filled with more and more machines using transmissions yet with increasingly limited resources with which to run them -- it's easy to see the far-reaching impact of NuVinci technology.

Like its namesake Leonardo da Vinci, who is viewed as having conceptualized the first CVT in 1490, the NuVinci CVP offers a dynamic new vision of how machines will be designed and built from now on. That vision is now becoming a reality.

A growing number of bicycle makers are now selling NuVinci - equipped models with more brands and models being shipped every day.  NuVinci upgrade kits are also available and consist of a NuVinci CVP hub (by itself or pre-laced in a replacement wheel) and a CruiseController™.  Interested consumers should contact their local bicycle retailer and ask for NuVinci.
Bicycle retailers interested in offering NuVinci-equipped bicycles and/or aftermarket kits should contact the Bicycle manufacturers and distributors listed in the Partners Section .

OEMs and Aftermarket Resellers should contact Fallbrook for information about bicycle or other NuVinci applications.
  +1 888-NuVinci (USA Toll Free)
  +1 512-279-6200 (Outside USA)

NuVinci CVP Technology...
Continuously Variable.  Infinite Applications.

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NuVinci® Harmony™ — First Automatic CVP Shifting System for Bicycles – Wins Bicycle Innovation Award at FietsVAK 2012 Show in Amsterdam

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– Letter to Secretary of the Army Follows Discussion of Dynasys™ Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) at Cedar Park, Texas Facility –

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Fallbrook Technologies, TEAM Industries, and Tomberlin® accelerate integration of NuVinci® DeltaSeries™ system in electric vehicles

Lawn, garden transmission market leader to integrate Fallbrook Technologies Inc.’s NuVinci® CVP technology
– Production by Hydro-Gear® will be the first application to use infinitely variable planetary transmission system.

Breezer Uptown Infinity Featuring Award-Winning, Smooth Shifting NuVinci® N360™ Transmission Named Bicycling Magazine’s ‘Editor’s Choice’ for 2011 Commuter Bike of the Year

Fallbrook Technologies Inc. Adds Two Former Auto Industry Executives from Ford and GM to Its Transportation Industry Advisory Board

Fallbrook Technologies' NuVinci® DeltaSeries™ May Deliver up to 24 Percent Fuel Savings on Dynasys™ Auxiliary Power Units Based on Recent Study

NuVinci® Harmony™ — First Automatic CVP Shifting System for Bicycles – Wins EUROBIKE 2011 Award Three NuVinci Equipped Bikes Also Win EUROBIKE Awards Including Two Gold Awards –

Eurobike Award
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